Our CSR work

We believe in Hope and Opportunity and as a company and employer we feel that we also have a great responsibility that we have to take.

At Hotel Botanika, we believe that companies should not only exist in society but also be active participants and positive influencers. Therefore, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a central part of our business. We strive to make a positive impact on both our surroundings and the communities we are part of.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are cornerstones of our CSR work. We have implemented several eco-friendly initiatives, such as recycling, energy efficiency and reduced water consumption, to reduce our impact on the environment. In addition, we work with local producers and suppliers to promote organic and sustainable agriculture and use local and organic ingredients in our restaurant.

We are also proud of our commitment to social responsibility. Hotel Botanika supports local charities and works with them to promote education, health and well-being in our neighbourhood. Furthermore, we strive to create an inclusive and multicultural work environment where all our employees are respected and have the opportunity to develop.

We also take our responsibility to our guests seriously. We are constantly working to improve our customer service and guest experience to ensure that every visit with us is memorable and enjoyable. Our endeavour is to be a role model for others in the hotel industry in terms of ethical and sustainable business practices.

At Hotel Botanika, CSR is not just a responsibility, it is a passion. We continue to develop and expand our CSR initiatives to make an even greater positive impact on society and the world around us. We look forward to the future and the opportunity to make the world a better place, one guest at a time.

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ChildX works to stop commercial sexual exploitation of children, i.e. sexual abuse of children where the perpetrator uses payment or other forms of remuneration as one of their means of power. The foundation was founded in 2014 and operates both in Sweden and internationally. Our vision is a world free from human trafficking and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children.

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The Million Mission Fundraising Foundation
Too many children and young people are not active enough. The price they and society pay is high - reduced physical activity leads to poorer health and well-being. We know that good habits are formed early, and if we do something today, our children and young people can carry it with them for the rest of their lives. This should be done holistically without having to choose or prioritise other important areas such as family, friends, school/work and recovery. This is why we have created the Million Mission: We will get two million children moving!

Movement is one of several pieces of the puzzle to feel better but can never be prioritised in isolation. Therefore, we work from a holistic perspective where we look at the whole person: Everything we do should support children and young people to a better well-being, both physically and mentally.

To realise the Million Dollar Mission, we have set up a fundraising foundation. With gifts, donations and grants, we want to enable an active life for children and young people.

The Million Dollar Mission is a movement!

The Million Dollar Mission

Our Beloved Children is a non-profit organisation with a simple goal: We want to make life better for children and families with children.

There is a special focus on children and families who are in a difficult economic situation and who need a ray of hope in a life that might otherwise be filled with worry and anxiety.

The organisation is non-profit making and works on the basis of the motto:

"Everything we do, we do with our hearts"

Read more at Our Beloved Children

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