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Terms and Conditions for Hotel Botanika


Booking and confirmation

A booking is binding once it has been confirmed and the guest has received a booking number. This can be given verbally, in writing or digitally. For online bookings, a confirmation message is sent, but if no confirmation is provided, the guest must notify the hotel immediately. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the guest must check that all details are correct. It is the guest's responsibility that the information in the booking confirmation is correct. Botanika reserves the right to make any explanation errors.


Consent to privacy policy

By having a guest book an overnight stay or purchasing a gift card and sending personal information to Botanika, the guest agrees to Botanika's privacy policy and website terms and conditions. Guests may withdraw their consent at any time, however, guests should be aware that withdrawal of consent does not affect activities that can be done without consent (e.g., providing services that guests have requested). This may result in the services not functioning as intended or Botanika not being able to provide them.

If cancelled due to withdrawal of consent, cancellation rules already confirmed will apply.


Hotel commitments

In case of any complaints, guests must notify the reception immediately. If Botanika is unable to provide a room that matches the guest's booking confirmation, the guest is entitled to an equivalent or better room at the hotel or at another hotel of a similar standard at no extra cost.


Guaranteed booking

All bookings must be guaranteed with a valid credit card. Non-refundable bookings are guaranteed once the booking has been paid in full. If the booking is not guaranteed, Botanika reserves the right to cancel without informing the guest.



The possibility of cancellation or rebooking depends on the conditions of the selected price range at the time of booking. It is the guest's responsibility to read the price description that applies to the current booking. Individual bookings made at the flexible rate can be cancelled free of charge until 12.00 on the day of arrival. Cancellations later than 12.00 will be charged at the first nightly rate (credit cards used for guarantee will then be charged automatically). In case of non-arrival, the reservation is considered cancelled at 08:00 the day after the booked arrival date. Non-refundable bookings can be cancelled but are non-refundable, nor can the booking be moved forward in time.

In case of cancellation, the guest must receive a cancellation number to confirm that a correct cancellation has been made.


Early departure

If a room has been booked for a certain period of time, but guests are leaving before this time, Botanika must be notified by 18:00 the day before departure. If this is not done, the guest may be charged the same fee as for late cancellation.


Change bookings

Unless otherwise stated in the price description, the reservation can be changed until 18:00 the day before arrival. In the event of changes to the date and/or booking length or number of persons, the price will also be adjusted to the current price. It is forbidden to transfer a reservation to another person or to allow another person to stay in the hotel room without the hotel's consent. Non-refundable bookings cannot be changed.



Non-refundable bookings are charged 100% within 24 hours of booking. For other individual bookings, Botanika reserves the right to pre-authorise an amount equal to 100% of the value of the booking when the free cancellation deadline expires. If an invalid card or card with insufficient funds is used to guarantee or pay for the booking, Botanika reserves the right to cancel these bookings. Botanika is a cashless hotel and does not accept cash payments.


Arrival and departure

Guests have access to booked hotel rooms from 15:00. Check-out must be no later than 11:00, unless otherwise stated in the price description.


Use of hotel rooms

Minors under the age of 18 cannot stay at Botanika without an adult present. The number of guests in the room must not exceed the number of people who have booked the room. Guests may not use the hotel room for any other purpose than accommodation. Guests under the age of 18 may not stay in our dormitories unless part of a group that has booked the entire dormitory when accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.



Smoking is not allowed on the premises of Botanika. Guests who violate this may be liable to pay the hotel for cleaning costs.



There is an extra charge for bringing pets and guests must inform Botanika at the time of booking if they plan to bring pets. Pets are not allowed in the room unless specified in the booking.



At Botanika you can rent luggage boxes.



Botanika's guests are responsible for any damage caused by the guest or his visitors to the hotel. If the guest or the guest's visitor caused such damage or disturbance during his/her stay at the hotel that it will affect the future loss of income, the guest is responsible for any compensation.



The hotel room door has detailed security information. It is the guest's responsibility to pay personal attention to the location of emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers. If you would like more information about the Botanika's fire safety, please contact reception if you are on site or by post.


Force majeure

Strikes, lockouts, fires, explosions, war or similar war conditions, significant restrictions on deliveries or other circumstances beyond Botanika's control entitle Botanika to cancel the booking without obligation to pay compensation.


Dispute Resolution

Disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled by the Swedish courts. Botanika is a member of Visita and has undertaken to comply with decisions made by the Visita Liability Committee. If Botanika does not accept a complaint from a guest, the dispute may be reviewed by the General Complaints Board (ARN).



For questions regarding booking rules and conditions, please contact Botanika: