Co-operation with associations

Earn money for your club and association!

Welcome to Hotel Botanika, where we introduce Botanika Association Support - our way of contributing to the thriving community and giving something back to those of you who are an important part of it. We believe that community and engagement are fundamental to a prosperous society, which is why we have created this programme.

This is how it works: For every hotel night booked/paid for with us, we give 8 % of the revenue back to your organisation or club. It's simple and completely free of charge for you. The best part is that it requires minimal effort to take advantage of this offer.

You can support your association by recommending our hotel in various ways, such as booking training camps for your sport, organising meetings and events, or simply recommending us to companies, sponsors, individuals, friends and family. Every time someone books a stay with us and refers you, your organisation receives a share of the revenue.

Botanika Association Grants are paid semi-annually, in January and July, to ensure you have the funds you need to support your association all year round.

Botanika Association support can also apply to specific events and cups hosted by your association. Here there are opportunities to agree on additional kick-backs.

So why wait? Contact us and become part of the Botanika Association Support Programme if you want to support your association while you and your team enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay at Hotel Botanika. We look forward to welcoming you and contributing to your organisation's success!


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We want to help organisations create a solution to a growing social problem.
The joy of movement based on their own conditions is something that far from all children, young people and adults experience right now. On the contrary, sedentary behaviour has greatly increased, resulting in major negative effects such as exclusion, mental illness, increased obesity and concentration difficulties, which in itself has become a major social problem for many.

Did you know that...
... children who are mentally unwell lack the energy or ability to be physically active and stop playing sport because of depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping or similar? In other words, mental health becomes a barrier. However, a growing number of studies show that physical activity not only benefits physical health but also mental health, both in children and adults.
Source: BRIS & Generation Pep

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