Play darts, shuffleboard and boules


Play darts, shuffleboard, boules and cornhole with us!
Take the chance to challenge friends, colleagues or family to a three-way fight or have a round of beer and play a round of darts with your colleagues. 

Shuffle Board Hotel Botanika Uppsala


Shuffleboard is a super fun and easy game that everyone can play, young and old. Simple rules and the atmosphere is great!

Price: 280 SEK per track
Running time: 55 min  


You can't help but hit the nail on the head with a round of darts with friends, family or colleagues!

Price: 100 SEK per dartboard
Playing time: 55 min

Dart Hotel Botanika Uppsala
Boule Hotel Botanika Uppsala


Boule is the classic game where you throw iron balls on a sand court and with precision and a bit of luck you will end up right and closest to the "little guy".

Price: 199 SEK per court
Playing time: 55 min